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Public Speaking Events to Spread Awareness

There are times when you just need to rest, and seeking help is something you should be proud of. Counseling can assist in addressing mental health illnesses as well as other forms of suffering, such as relationship issues or grief.


We mainly partner with businesses and schedule public speaking events where we address topics including various forms of anxiety, substance abuse, and COVID-related fears.

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For Businesses

We provide human resource consultancy to firms, addressing issues such as EAP, recruiting and staffing, training/development, performance management, and succession planning. We also talk to them about topics that include substance abuse, mental health, grief, and loss. We may provide these services one-on-one or in groups.


We also have a psychiatrist on staff who can help you with your difficulties whenever needed. It is important for us to create a space that is supportive and empathetic where you can feel comfortable and open.


However, if we are unable to handle your concerns directly, we also have a wealth of resources and may make referrals. Rest assured that you will be well-taken care of by the professionals we refer you to.


We also provide health consultants, nurse consultants, IT consultants, and medical coding consultants to improve services within your businesses, hospitals, or clinic settings.

Zoom conferences are always available.

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If you think talking about these topics with your employees will benefit everyone, please contact us today and schedule your first consultation. You can also call us for any inquiries or concerns.