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Providing Mental Health Education Nationwide

At UDO Mental Health, we think educating people on mental health issues is the key to a healthy, happy future for tomorrow’s leaders. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in every five individuals has experienced or is experiencing symptoms of a mental illness. These figures demonstrate how common it is to live with a mental illness.

Raising awareness by providing mental health education nationwide may assist you in understanding your symptoms and locating expert care. Most significantly, we aim to break the mental health stigma that causes so many individuals to suffer in silence.

Mental Health Education Nationwide | UDO Mental Health

We go into schools at all levels—elementary, junior high, senior high, and even post-secondary institutions—and talk about concerns like bullying, mental health disorders, substance abuse disorders, COVID-related fears, and other types of anxiety.

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To further spread mental health awareness, we encourage schools to contact us today and schedule talks for both faculty and students. We look forward to hearing from you.