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Life may be stressful and difficult to manage at times, but UDO Mental Health believes that we all have the power and resilience to develop and evolve. We may eventually be able to live a more satisfying life if we receive the correct assistance. That’s why UDO Mental Health partners with businesses across the nation to help spread mental health awareness to their employees. We want more people to self-reflect and start honest conversations as the first steps to becoming a better person.

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What We Offer

Businesses, agencies, and even schools partner with us to talk about a wide variety of issues. These topics include general issues on mental health, bullying, substance abuse, social-emotional learning, and different forms of anxiety. We have also started offering talks on COVID-related anxiety as the ongoing pandemic continues to strike uncertainty in our future.

We provide health care consultants to hospitals and clinics to improve their services. We also provide human resources, medical coding consulting, nurse consultants, and IT consultants to improve services within your businesses. Our goal is to help improve your services.

What to Expect

During these talks, we share our personal experiences of real-life situations with others. We believe that by doing this, we can help you feel validated and start the process of self-reflection. Our professional consultants will provide training to your businesses.

We have an in-house psychiatrist who can help provide mental health counseling when needed. If your organization requires a specialist outside the mental health domain, our extensive referral network can connect you to highly qualified and highly respected specialists in various fields.

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We are located near Washington DC, but we still offer services to other parts of the U.S. in hopes of further spreading awareness. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

If you are interested in helping your employees address one of our areas of expertise, schedule a consultation with UDO Mental Health today. Call us at (240) 459-9327.

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